About Goen South DMC

What sets Goen South DMC apart is that we provide the services of a traditional DMC, all in-house. We're a vertically integrated company, which means you get more bang for your buck, along with the confidence that our team will plan and execute your event in a seamless way. We aren't middlemen; we're able to offer so much more than our competitors thanks to our massive 32,000 square foot warehouse full of event rentals and one-of-a kind decor. With that said, Goen South DMC is still a mom-and-pop, boutique company at heart. Our story began in 1992, when our owners established a small wedding photography business in San Antonio. As proud 5th generation Texans, our owners (who still come into the office every day) wanted to share the unique beauty of the Lone Star State with others, and Goen South was born. Slowly but surely, we amassed a collection of unique decor, grew our wonderful team, and created strong relationships with local vendors. Today, with more than 25 years in the event industry, Goen South offers DMC services, including event coordination and planning, transportation, logistics, event decor and design, music, entertainment, photography and videography, local experiences and dine-arounds, team-building activities, and more.


Our Clients

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