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We want to be your conference/events partner. We are from here, and we know and love here like no one else. Our team at Goen South is honored to showcase the Lone Star State to you, your clients, and guest. We strive for the experience here to leave y'all with long-lasting and meaningful memories of our beloved Texas.


We have the expertise, knowledge, work ethic, and passion to take care of all your experiences and events.
Our team is made up of experienced and knowledgeable event experts who will advise you and find solutions to questions and challenges. We have the unique ability to show our guests what makes our beloved state unique and memorable...

We are local, with Goen South staffed offices in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas.
We have local offices in the four major cities across Texas, and dedicated staff in each of those offices who know these cities inside and out. We can bring you Texas like no one else…

We are vertically integrated.
Goen South provides all of the traditional services of a Destination Management Company, but we offer so much more.. With all of our in-house services we are large enough to take care of all of your needs. However we are still a boutique, mom and pop company at heart who treat each of our clients as partners...

We will take care of you better than anyone else can.
Our dedication to quality personnel, creative ideas, and superior client relations speaks for itself. True to our Texas roots, we’re your partner, and we strive to make your experiences and events meaningful and unforgettable...


All the Things We Can Do for You

Goen South DMC is so much more than a traditional Destination Management Company. We're not a middleman or a vendor; we're your partner. Our services are vertically integrated, so we see the whole of our events, instead of just pieces here and there. We're hands-on during the event planning process, and we're with you every step of the way. Our services are in-house, and we own our decor, rentals, and props, so you get more bang for the buck. The Goen South DMC team includes highly skilled planners, logistics experts, photographers, videographers, entertainers, florist, and more. Read more about the services we offer below, and contact us anytime with questions. We look forward to working with you!

Terry Goen
Co-Founder & Owner

From planning to implementation, we are your event partner every step of the way. We are dedicated to create meaningful, unique and authentic experiences that are environmentally mindful and sourced locally when possible, for our clients.

Goen South is a full-service event planning and Destination Management Company founded, owned and based in Texas. Our national award winning team of experts, will execute creative designs and expert logistics for your event. Our national award winning team of experts, will execute creative designs and expert logistics for your event. From planning to implementation we are with you. We strive to create meaningful, unique and authentic experiences for our guest.

Successful events begin and end with transportation. At Goen South DMC, we work with the best charter companies in Texas to provide professional, quality service. We offer an array of transportation services to our clients, all with the latest technology and top-notch customer service. If you are looking for VIP transportation, airport transfers, continuous shuttles, and more, Goen South has you covered... >

Goen South DMC is your partner during every step of event planning and production. We take the time to understand your company’s mission, culture, and vision. It’s our goal to plan an event that feels like “you,” while always keeping your specific needs and budget in mind. And because Texas is our home, we have great relationships with local hotels, properties, and venues. Goen South DMC has the connections, experience, and knowledge to make your event a success... >

At Goen South DMC, we are experts at transforming event spaces. Unlike other DMCs, we own all of our decor. We have a massive warehouse filled with everything needed for our talented floral staff and designers to make your event one of a kind. Want to host a rad 80’s dance party, a San Antonio Fiesta themed event, an elegant Hollywood soiree, or a fire and ice awards ceremony? Look no further than Goen South DMC. No matter the theme, we can’t wait to bring your event to life... >

Extraordinary entertainment is our specialty. We're proud to work with the best entertainers in the state of Texas and beyond to give guests an unforgettable event experience. Goen South DMC is connected to talented actors and performers who will dazzle and entertain guests, including "living statues," mimes, acrobats and more. And let's not forget about music! We can match you with incredible musicians that can liven up the dance floor or play relaxing melodies during dinner. We'll connect you with the perfect musicians for your event, whether you're looking for a cover band, mariachis, DJs, string quartets, solo guitarists, a jazz band, or something else. No event is complete without music or entertainment, so contact us today to get started... >

Our interactive entertainment allows guests to be a part of the action, and Goen South DMC has fun and unique activations for each and every event. Guests can race armadillos, play Texas Hold 'em with a card shark, roll authentic Cuban cigars, learn to two-step like a true Texan, and take photos with a real longhorn. Whatever kind of event you are hosting, we'll help you select one-of-a-kind experiences that will take your event or conference to the next level. Let your guests get in on the fun with an interactive activation from Goen South DMC... >

Goen South started as a photography company over 25 years ago. Today, we still value capturing the moment. We are proud to offer event photography, videography, photo booths, and onsite printing services. Because our media team is entirely in-house, you don't work with a middleman, and last-minute deadlines and quick turnarounds are no problem to us! No matter what type of media you need for your event, you can trust our talented team of photographers, videographers, and editors... >

Goen South DMC has perfected our team building activities so that they are a hit, every time. We work closely with a professional team building facilitator to create custom team builds based on your company’s goals, personality and demographic. Our unique and fun team building activities increase problem-solving, build trust within a group, boost communication, and develop planning and adaptability. Goen South’s team builds are a great way to encourage cooperation and fun within a group... >

We provide activities packed with adventure, culture, history, or a little bit of everything. We offer custom tours, excursions and activities. You can board a barge on the San Antonio River, enjoy an Astros game, take a cave tour, go skeet shooting, try an escape room and go wine tasting in the Texas Hill Country. Because we have offices in each of the four major Texas cities, we’re able to share our local knowledge and give a personalized touch to every tour we lead. Adventure excursions are a great way to experience the thrilling side of Texas... >

Whether dining on the field of Texas Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play or the finest restaurants in Texas, foodies can rest assured that Goen South DMC knows the best culinary experiences in the state! From high-end culinary experiences to lesser-known hidden gems that you won’t find on any tourist listings; our close relationships with our restaurateurs allow us to custom-create unforgettable dining experiences. We have you covered; from the most elaborate meal to a good old fashioned country fried steak. No one goes home hungry... >


The Goen South Way

At Goen South, we know there is no exact science to planning programs and events. An event planner’s biggest asset is experience and dexterity. After being in business for over twenty years and building a diverse, skilled staff of over fifty employees, Goen South brings both skills to the table. Our goal is to make you shine as a trusted partner and asset to your program. We achieve this goal by doing it the Goen South Way with this four step process. We start with a Consultation with our sales team to learn about your program and the things that are most important to you. Then, we activate our amazing creative team for Conception & Design of your program. Once we’ve found the right recipe of services, our sales and operations teams dive into the details in step three, the Planning & Management phase. Finally, we bring it all to life in step four, the Production phase. Learn more about our process and how we take care of our clients below.

STEP 1: Consultation
We understand that choosing the right DMC partner for your program is imperative in ensuring its success...

STEP 2: Conception & Design
Once we have determined the DMC services needed for your program, we will create a custom proposal for each of the services determined during our consultation...

STEP 3: Planning & Management
Now that we have a wildly creative concept and initial cost proposal, it’s time to dive deep into the details...

STEP 4: Production
Show time! Finally, all that hard work comes to life in the production phase with our amazing operations team, made up of all full time Goen South employees...


The Goen South Promise

“Our values are simple but meaningful. I learned these values growing up on a small East Texas ranch, from my father. We have lived by these values since day one at Goen South. And I promise you if you give us the opportunity we will honor these same values for you.”

Morris Goen DMCP

Morris Goen
Co-Founder & Owner

Otha Morris Goen, Sr.


What goes on behind the scenes is a team effort, and it's not as easy as it looks! Event production requires a combination of creativity and hard work and the process can be overwhelming. And then there are always factors that we have to adjust to from, last minute client changes to the weather. However, when the doors open all the hard work makes it worth it. Catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the Goen South DMC events.

After months of planning on the final day of a large conference, and not having seen rain in over a month, the skies opened up on the morning of our closing outdoor food truck fair. We had been watching the forecast and knew we might have to move the event. And we did. Even with the best of planning, weather can change everything. However this is where Goen South shines; because most of the services were in-house and others with long-standing vendors, our lead planner pulled off everything without a hitch. Most importantly our clients and guests loved the event... >


Our Values

Work Hard.
You work hard all day every day. Always leave the job know you gave it your very best.

Do the Right Thing.
You simply do what is right. And if you are unsure what the right thing is; treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Take Care of Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors.
Always lend a hand to those around you that might need help, because the odds are one day you are going to need help also.

Always Show Respect.
Respect all people and the land that provides for us.


Goen South Blooper Reel

As the saying goes "if you can't laugh at yourself you can you laugh at?", we at Goen South take what we do very seriously, however, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We love what we do and have a lot of fun doing it. We use video to tell the stories of what we produce and how we do it. As with everything in life, when we are shooting our videos, sometimes there are unexpected missteps along the way. Have a good laugh with us.

Blooper Reel

From checking teeth for lipstick, to putting on hats backwards, you name it and most likely one of us has done this along the way as we make our Goen South DMC videos. However, our most and often funniest mistakes are the way we say things wrong or can't say things at all. See our outtakes and enjoy!