Behind the Scenes of Goen South DMC

Behind the Scenes

Take a peek at what goes on behind the scenes at Goen South events. We'll show you the planning and setup process that you won't usually see in photos or on social media. From creating antique-looking baseballs by hand, to building graffiti walls, to setting up events for over 1,000 guests, every day is different at Goen South! Check out these behind the scenes videos for a glimpse of how we bring our events to life.

Hollywood Glam Night

Watch how Goen South created an evening full of Hollywood glitz and glamour with the help of lavish decor, bold florals palettes, an LED dance floor, and live musical entertainment.

A Red Carpet Affair

Goen South rolled out the red carpet for this over-the-top Hollywood event. Over 500 guests dressed to the nines and experienced a night in the life of a Hollywood star. From sparkling crystal candelabra centerpieces to dramatic fog displays to a light-up dance floor, our team used in-house decor and props to make this event over-the-top and fun. A jazzy live band entertained guests after dinner, and the dance floor was full all night long. Remember to smile for the paparazzi!

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Everything is bigger in Texas! This video shows a glimpse of a larger-than-life event on the field of the AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

An Awards Night on the Field of NFL Legends

This event was the ultimate grand finale: an awards dinner at the AT&T Stadium. And to add a little suspense, the event location was a total surprise to guests. After three days of meetings and events, excited guests boarded motorcoaches and drove off to an unknown destination for the final night of their conference. When the guests exited the buses and walked directly onto the field, it was a truly special moment. Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed high-energy music, fun football-themed games, and dinner on the field. As awards were announced, the winners’ names were displayed up on the big screen. We couldn’t imagine a better way to spend your last night in Texas.

Branded Cowhide Koozies

Goen South created one-of-a-kind branded cowhide koozies for a Texas-themed event.

Creating Custom Event Gifts

Event gifts don't have to be boring! Our client wanted their guests to take home something truly Texan, and what could be more Texas than branded cowhide koozies? Each koozie was branded the old-fashioned way with the client's logo for a unique and unforgettable event gift. No matter your event theme, the Goen South team can help you make it special.

A Truly Texan Ranch Night

Escape the big city life and take in the sights of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. See the Goen South team set up an authentic Texas experience at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa.

It’s Time to Party, Y’all!

This Texas-themed welcome reception was the opening event of a multi-day conference. The Goen South team transformed the outdoor lawns at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa into a laid-back ranch party. The goal was to immerse guests into an authentic Texas experience. Goen South provided unique elements like a longhorn photo op and an antique tractor stage to make this event fresh and fun. With live music, themed decor, games, live entertainment and more, this Texas party under the stars was a night to remember!

Custom Graffiti Wall

Watch the Goen South crew design and build this one-of-a-kind spray-painted graffiti wall and event props in just under three weeks.

A Unique Urban Design Comes to Life

Our goal was to create an event space that looked like a subway station with spray-painted graffiti and colorful props. The Goen South team built the walls by hand and attached subway tiles as a background for the graffiti. We hired three local graffiti artists to create unique works of art on the walls. After 21 hours and 47 cans of spray paint, the graffiti wall was ready! Our crew transported the pieces of the wall to the event location, where it took 9 hours to install the wall. Additional props were set up, including turnstiles, spray-painted trash cans, and colorful subway chairs. The 32-foot graffiti wall was a total wow factor, and the result was eye-catching, authentic, and totally unique!

Making Worn Baseballs

Take me out to the ball game! Watch what it takes to create authentic-looking antique baseballs for a themed event.

Behind the Scenes: Antique Baseballs

When an event required hundreds of antique-looking baseballs, the Goen South team sprang into action. Instead of purchasing the baseballs, which were difficult to source, we created them. With a little creativity and some elbow grease, we transformed brand-new baseballs into antique-looking props for our event. We think we hit it out of the park!

Tractor Push

Watch the Goen South team set up an antique tractor stage, and see how it added something special to the Texas ranch party event.

An Antique Tractor Takes Center Stage

No Texas event is complete without live music. At this ranch party, a local band entertained guests with a combination of lively country music and top hits. Goen South set up something totally unique: an antique tractor and trailer used as the stage. The bright red tractor is quite large and extremely heavy, so our team hired a wrecking service to move the tractor as close to the event lawn as possible. Then, our team carefully pushed the tractor from the loading area to the space where the stage would be. Moving the tractor was a lot of work, but it was worth the effort!

Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation

Watch as the Goen South Houston DMC produces the annual Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation. From real sports to vintage jukeboxes, to carnival callers we pulled out all the stops for these three days of amazing events!

Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation, Three Nights of Adventures!

We have produced the Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation for multiple years. This year the event was held in the Woodlands and Goen South Houston DMC handled all the work to produce three amazing events; a carnival night for day one, a Texas A&M prized memorabilia night with a sports theme event, with real sporting games and the third night a through the decades with music events. The guest and our clients loved what we produced and we are already planning for next years events.

Making an ACL Guitar