Team Building & CSR

Team Building & CSR

Goen South DMC has perfected our team building activities so that they are a hit, every time. We work closely with a professional team building facilitator to create custom activities based on your company’s demographic, personality, and goals. Because all of our team builds are personally tailored to your group, we are able to really focus on the activities and skill-building that you want for your team. Depending on your goals, we can include technology, encourage competition, and make the team build silly, serious, or anything in between. Our one-of-a-kind team building activities increase problem-solving and decision-making skills, build trust within a group, boost communication, and develop planning and adaptability. Whatever skill your group is looking to improve, Goen South’s team builds are a great way to encourage cooperation, teamwork, and fun.

If you are looking to give back as a group, Goen South DMC can help. We are always happy to facilitate a meaningful experience. Whether your group comes together to do community service, or raise donations on a local level, we’re always honored to work with groups to give back to the community in any way we can.

Build a Boat

Anchors aweigh! Check out this hands-on boat build that will have everyone working together in no time. Teams decorate and build the best-looking and most functional boat possible using the tools and blueprints provided, and then put their boats to the test in a thrilling race. This team build is ideal for fun-loving groups who want to focus on communication, creativity, and collaboration. Whether you are hosting a conference, company retreat, or simply a day of fun for your group, our boat building activity is a unique way to encourage teamwork!

Morgan's Wonderland

Give back to your community with Goen South DMC. In this video, Goen South coordinated a corporate service project for our client at Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s largest ultra-accessible amusement park. Volunteers split into 22 teams, each with their own project, including gardening, painting, landscaping, and more. Watch to see the magic a company can accomplish when working together!

Fashion Show Fundraiser

Watch to see how this group combined fashion, fun, and giving back! Goen South DMC planned a unique fundraising activity for a well-traveled group that has done it all. Guests broke into groups and worked together to design and sew clothes for a lively and hilarious runway show. This show was a fundraiser for Dress for Success, a nonprofit providing support, advice, and professional clothing for women. The fundraiser was a success: over $11,000 was raised for Dress for Success! Goen South DMC can help you plan a fundraiser that best suits you and your group’s needs.

BBQ Sauce Challenge

Nothing like a fun-loving BBQ challenge to bring out the best of us in this anything-goes team build. From sabotages with a can of sardines or bribing the judges as even as the judge watches, the competitive nature shows in most of us. All done in the name of fun and a great teambuilding experience on the way. (Hear what our client thought about this event).

Lip Sync Battle

Think outside the box for your company team building activities. This lip sync battle is a great way to get guests out of their shell, and encourages fun and teamwork! Guests will have a blast choosing their song and planning their costumes and dance moves. Lip sync battle is a fun way to laugh together, have a great time, and grow closer together as a group. This activity is perfect for an outgoing and fun-loving group!

Catapult Team Build

Teamwork is an essential aspect of all successful companies. Our catapult launch teambuilding activity is a great way to encourage communication, leadership, problem solving and camaraderie amongst coworkers as groups compete to win supplies to build the best catapult and launch it the farthest. This energetic activity is a fully emceed experience, complete with music, games and a final launch championship, and is sure to build relationships and, most importantly, create fun for your attendees!

Lego Team Build