Keep Austin Weird

Austin has long been known as a funky, hippie town that’s totally unlike anywhere else in Texas, and that’s still true to this day. The incredible live music scene, famously delicious barbecue, and beautiful hiking spots make Austin a travel destination you don’t want to miss. Today, tech companies and young adults alike are moving to the city in droves, and it’s safe to say that Austin is booming. Throughout all of this exciting change, the bohemian spirit of Austin is alive and well. Its slogan “Keep Austin Weird” still applies, no matter how many shiny high rises crop up in downtown. It’s easy to see why people want to move here; Austin is undeniably cool. It’s known as the live music capital of the world, and the city's alluring counterculture vibe easily draws you in. The food scene in Austin is incredible, so bring your appetite. There’s world-class sushi, tacos galore, and brunch that’s worth waking up early for. You can take a barbecue tour of the city or visit the seemingly endless bars, restaurants, and food trucks open all night long in the famous Rainey Street District.

And when you’re finished eating, Austin is full of unique and walkable neighborhoods, from the funky South Congress area to the thriving East Austin neighborhood. No matter the neighborhood, you’re never far from a good time. Goen South Austin DMC knows that it’s truly impossible to be bored in the growing, charming capital of Texas. You can two-step all night long, experience a football Saturday at the UT stadium, place bets on chicken-shit bingo, and shop for vintage cowboy boots. So what are you waiting for? Contact Goen South DMC Austin today to discover what makes Austin weird and wonderful.

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