An Austin DMC Guide to Austin’s Best Districts and Neighborhoods

There’s so much to love about Austin. This capital city has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the rich history and laid-back Texan vibe is what draws visitors in from around the globe. Well-known as a live music, foodie, and entertainment destination, there is so much to experience in Austin. It’s easy to get swept away and even overwhelmed with planning your time here, which is where an Austin DMC can help. Goen South DMC knows Austin inside and out; we’re locals, and we want to show you a local experience in this one-of-a-kind city.

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Why You Need an Austin based DMC

Now that you’ve penciled Austin in for your next event it’s vitally important to hire an Austin DMC which can deliver a Texas experience. Our team at Goen South Austin DMC is made up of local event experts who have established working partnerships with transportation providers, venues, entertainment and event vendors. Goen South Events is a full-service DMC. When you work with us you don’t have to shop around for each and every service needed for your event. We custom create and deliver the complete Austin event experience based on your vision and goals.

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Top 15 Austin Venues for Large Groups

Austin has its fair share of famous and unique event spaces. Austin has become a travel destination in recent years, and the city has grown exponentially in popularity. Finding exactly the space you want for an Austin event can be a challenge, unless you have a lot of time to plan and research venues. When planning an event in Austin, it’s essential to lock in your venue ASAP. That said, Austin has many incredible new and historic venues that are perfect for events of all kinds, from conferences to celebrations. After research and experience planning events in the city, here are Goen South’s top 15 favorite venues in Austin for large groups:

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10 Things to Consider When Hiring a DMC

You’ve decided to hire a DMC, or Destination Management Company, to help you plan your conference or event… but how do you pick the right one? Whether you’re looking for transportation, event planning services, logistics, décor, dine-arounds, off site excursions, entertainment, or a combination of services, here are 10 things to consider when hiring a DMC.

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Do You Need a DMC?

If you are considering hiring a DMC, you might have questions about what they are and which services they provide. What exactly is a DMC? Is hiring a DMC worth it, and what does a DMC actually do? Is a DMC just a fancy name for an event planner? Keep reading to learn more about DMCs, and to see if a DMC is a good fit for you or your company.

A DMC, or Destination Management Company, provides services and resources such as event planning, coordination and design, transportation services, tours, entertainment, logistics, and more. A DMC can provide as many or as few services as needed, but their purpose is to organize, plan, and execute events and activities in a city, typically for out-of-town guests. DMCs can assist corporate event planners, or they act entirely on their own. Most importantly, they are experts of their city. It can be overwhelming to not only visit a new city but to plan events and experiences in that location, so DMCs are there to do the work for you. A DMC is basically a one-stop shop and can provide every service you can think of when visiting a new city; they exist to help clients discover and enjoy the best parts of their city and to create a seamless and memorable experience. Hiring a DMC is the absolute best way to see the culture and unique flavor of a city.

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Skeet Shooting

Enjoy the Texas Hill Country at a real shooting range and feel like a real Texan by taking your team skeet shooting. Shoot disks for fun or add a level of competition. Either way, this activity is great for anyone from beginners to experts.

Cigar Roller

Enjoy the finer things in life with Cuban style hand rolled cigars.

Texas Ranch Night - Behind the Scenes

Escape the city and take in the sights of the beautiful Texas Hill Country by visiting a real ranch. While you’re there, you gotta grab the mechanical bull by the horns!