The Goen South Way

The Goen South Way

At Goen South, we know there is no exact science to planning programs and events. An event planner’s biggest asset is experience and dexterity. After being in business for over twenty years and building a diverse, skilled staff of over fifty employees, Goen South brings both skills to the table. Our goal is to make you shine as a trusted partner and asset to your program. We achieve this goal by doing it the Goen South Way with this four step process. We start with a Consultation with our sales team to learn about your program and the things that are most important to you. Then, we activate our amazing creative team for Conception & Design of your program. Once we’ve found the right recipe of services, our sales and operations teams dive into the details in step three, the Planning & Management phase. Finally, we bring it all to life in step four, the Production phase. Learn more about our process and how we take care of our clients below.

STEP 1: Consultation
We understand that choosing the right DMC partner for your program is imperative in ensuring its success. You are looking for a team that not only has the skills and creativity, but also provides the right match for your company culture and values. Let’s start off by getting to know each other and building a foundation for a good partnership. In our initial meeting, we will go through your program schedule in detail to determine the scope of services you are needing for your program. We understand that every company has different needs based on the capabilities you have internally. We are a one-stop shop for all your event needs. The scale of services can range from a few decor items to full service production. One of the biggest benefits of working with Goen South is that we offer the full spectrum of DMC services under one roof.

STEP 2: Conception & Design
Once we have determined the DMC services needed for your program, we will create a custom proposal for each of the services determined during our consultation. Our team is among the most creative bunch of individuals you will ever encounter. We take pride in personalizing each and every experience to best fit the goals and vision of our clients, and finding creative solutions when obstacles arise. Year after year, our team is recognized by our industry peers from the local to international level for our event design, interactive experiences and proactive solutions – and we’ve got the award hardware to prove it. Our motto is, “If we don’t own it, we will find it, buy it or built it.” We are always on the hunt for authentic props and décor and take pride in our ability to recreate and reimage décor in a way that is unmatched by any of our competition. In doing this, we boast over 40,000 square feet of inventory filling our warehouses, a fully staffed floral and operations team with skilled fabricators, carpenters and electricians. The goal during this phase is to collaborate with our clients on the concept and design of your program so that as we move into the planning stage, we are all on the same page as to what is most important to you and how we allocate the overall budget to make the most impact.

STEP 3: Planning & Management
Now that we have a wildly creative concept and initial cost proposal, it’s time to dive deep into the details. Quality is paramount to us at Goen South. We strive to be the best and do this by taking a thoughtful approach to each step from concept to execution, with no stone left unturned, and by demanding the same from our partners and vendors. We will lead the charge in hammering out the technicalities of planning and securing city permitting, site plans, onsite staffing, security, transportation and more. Our event producers will liaison with vendors and venues and work hand in hand with them to create a seamless experience and holistic approach to your program. The goal of this stage is to finalize the exact details of our proposal, create a run of show and finalize all of the details of your event and making sure all vendors and venue are on the same page.

STEP 4: Production
Show time! Finally, all that hard work comes to life in the production phase with our amazing operations team, made up of all full time Goen South employees. We will match our team of experts up with each role to ensure an impeccable approach to each and every detail we outlined in the planning and management stage. Since we don’t typically use any contract labor, your team will be well versed in everything they need to get the job done and take extra care for the things that are most important to your program. True to our Texas roots, we have instilled a level of respect and hospitality with our staff and all our services. We will be honest with you throughout each and every step of the production process and make a promise to give it our all in everything that we do. When hiccups arise, because we all know that they will, we will be transparent and work as a team to find solutions quickly. In the end, our goal is to leave you and your group with a lasting memory of their time deep in the heart of Texas.