Lighting & AV Services

Light is one of the key elements in turning a pretty room into a jaw-dropping experience for guests. We use a combination of color wash up-lighting on the walls that can match or contrast any color of linen in the room, to set the tone for the experience, e.g. using a bright red for a 1940s Hollywood theme event or multicolor up-lights around the room for a 1970’s Disco party. Also using pin spots to accent the centerpieces for each table adds an incredible sophistication to your event. When you spend your budget on beautiful floral arrangements you certainly want to showcase those centerpieces with proper lighting. We also offer custom gobos to project logos or themes onto the walls. For holiday events, using gobos of snowflakes helps set the tone for the evening. Our team will also work with you on lighting for your entertainment – making sure that their existing lighting will be sufficient for the property where the event is held.

Because we know our properties inside and out, we can make sure you won’t have any last minute, rush add-on AV fees. We will make you aware of what is needed to ensure you have the visuals for your event so it’s perfect. Some properties have in-house AV and we will coordinate this effort. Our team will be more than happy to assist you in any way.