Without Limits: A Texas Night Under the Stars – Event Case Study

Without Limits: A Texas Night Under the Stars – Event Case Study

What better way to kick off a fundraising campaign than with a night under the Texas stars? Goen South planned a truly Texan evening for the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation. The event’s motto was WITHOUT LIMITS, and it was a night full of lively music, entertainment, and engaging speeches. A good time was had by all, from students to faculty to donors and more. The campaign kickoff was a Texas-sized success!

Client: Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation
Event Date: April 26, 2018
Event Venue: Kingsville, Texas
DMC Services Provided:
Event Planning, Onsite Coordination, Event Décor, Event Entertainment, Staging, Lighting, Audio-Visual, Power
Event Ojectectives:
  • Kick off a fundraising effort with a goal of raising $100 million for the foundation by 2021.
  • Create a functional and eye-catching stage as a focal point for showcasing speakers, musical performances, and more.
  • Tell attendees the story of four influential and historical figures of Texas A&M University-Kingsville, using photos, videos, and live entertainment.
  • Host a fun and memorable “Texas Under the Stars” event that included live music, décor, AV services, unique entertainment, and a positive environment for all attendees, including students, faculty, donors, and more.

Planning this event, a kickoff for a multi-year fundraising campaign for the Texas A&M University-Kingsville, was a huge undertaking.

The goal of the campaign was to raise $100 million by 2021 for a new music building, lab and art building updates, scholarships for students, and more. The event took place in the university town of Kingsville, and the venue was unusual: the president of the university’s backyard! Our team, plus the client, worked with the university and the town of Kingsville to ensure a safe and successful event.

What started as an empty backyard turned into a huge campaign kickoff attended by 500 people. Our team was proud to work with the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation, and we were so happy to see the guests enjoy themselves during a Texas night under the stars.

Besides event planning and onsite coordination, there were four essential DMC services that Goen South provided for this event: staging & seating, décor, entertainment, and power.

Staging & Seating

The focal point for the event was the stage. The majority of the evening would consist of speakers, program remarks, announcements, and musical performances, so a prominent stage was essential. Goen South provided and set up a 16’ x 18’ x 25’ stage that included stairs and skirting. Our team also set up an 8’ x 8’ x 12’ satellite stage for additional performances.

In order to see all of the performances and speakers on stage, Goen South provided multiple levels of “auditorium style” seating. The lower level consisted of comfortable brown leather lounge furniture. For the middle level, we provided dining height wooden vineyard tables that each sat 6 guests. A mix of our gunmetal chairs and cross-back wooden chairs were the perfect rustic fit for these tables. Finally, the upper level: we provided bar-height farm tables and tall gunmetal and wood cross-back chairs.


Goen South provided Texas chic décor for this event. We decorated the main stage with antique rugs, and the satellite stage with cowhide rugs to add a homey feel. Because the main stage was the focal point, our team decided to add décor that was on-theme but not too distracting. We set up a textured tin and cedar post backdrop, and our rustic light-up marquee letters spelling WITHOUT LIMITS, the mantra of the foundation, were the perfect addition to the main stage. For a pop of color around the auditorium-style seating, Goen South designed centerpieces using bright blue and golden-yellow floral in antique amber glass vases.


One of the most unique aspects of this event was the entertainment. Goen South hired four entertainers as “living statues” to portray important historical figures that contributed to the rich history of the university. They were painted completely gold and truly looked like statues until they moved-they were a huge hit!

Power & A/V:

Powering this event took a herculean effort. Aside from a few outdoor plugs standard to a private residence, Goen South was tasked with providing an immense source of power. Our team sourced generators and appropriate cabling for all electricity powered components, making sure we ordered what was needed to power such a large event.

Goen South provided a 55” screen for the main stage, plus all of the audio-visual equipment necessary, including a sound system with a digital mixer, wireless microphones, and an audio patch. Three smaller screens were also provided to add context to the entertainment; each screen displayed continuous video explaining the legacy of those important historical figures.