With over 70 years of combine services, Goen South employs talented in-house photographers who are experts in many different styles of photography. We believe quality photographs is one of the most essential aspects of an event, because it allows guests to experience and remember the event months after it has occurred. Our services include event photography, awards ceremonies, architectural photography, food photography, studio portraits, onsite and green screens. Let our award winning staff of photographers capture the special moments of your event.

Photo Booth
Our InstaCam Photo booth is a free-standing photo booth with the ability to print, email and share photos through social media. Its open-air design allows large groups of guests to take photos. The InstaMobile feature gives guests the ability to send a picture from their smartphone Instagram app using a signature hashtag to print immediately at the InstaCam Photo booth.

Graffiti Wall
Another fun photography option available to guests is our graffiti wall. This unique addition is equal parts entertainment and photography. Guests pose for a photo, which is displayed on a large digital wall. Then, using digital spray paint “cans” and other tools, guests can edit and draw on their photos however they like. Fun and entirely unique, prints from the graffiti wall are a great memento and the perfect way to commemorate your event!