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The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words, and video, even more, could not be more true today where time is one of our most precious assets. We could tell you about the amazing events we've created or all the awards we have won over past 20+ years, but most people don't have the time or energy for that. So, we let our work speak for us. Take a deep dive into our work. No matter how large or small, inside or outside, big-budget or not so big budget see what we have done for others and the potential of what we can do for you. We hope you enjoy!


Keep Austin Weird

Our “Keep Austin Weird” themed events are all unique and one of a kind. We pull all kinds of one off elements and combine them in a way that truly gives you the funky feel that Austin has to offer.

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Hollywood Night

From our LED dance floor to rich sequin linens and bold floral palettes, we created the feel of classic Hollywood in this themed event. Guests love to get into the action by dressing up for the night.

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Disco Night

There’s no better way to bring in Gloria Gaynor, than with a disco in the heart of Texas! From disco mirror balls to the glowing living statue, guests experienced an evening of music, dance and joy.

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Camping themed events


Our glamorous camping “glamping” theme was a huge hit for our clients. Crystal chandeliers, drape tents, lanterns, fire pits, darts, succulent centerpieces created a beautiful event.

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Car Bars

Our car bars are the fronts of old trucks from the 1950’s and 60’s. We customized these so cool fronts into customized bars. They are always a conversation starter.

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Texas chic event theme

Texas Chic

With the use of colorful floral, wooden props and help from a mini-horse, our team was able to transform a downtown Houston restaurant into a scene from an old Texas Western.

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dmc in san antonio

Top 50 Awards Gala

Goen South was so happy to be a part of this amazing event at the convention center. Our centerpieces and linens were a big hit. And above all everyone loved our champagne diva.

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san antonio event theme designer

Fashion Show Fundraiser

Guests are struttin’ their stuff on the catwalk at La Cantera Resort during this fashion show. The models fun style shined through with wonderful and wacky designs.

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texas themed planner

Classic Texas

Mixing vintage trunks, tables and chairs contrasting with beautiful leather couches and ivory drapes, we transformed this resort foyer into a laid back get-away for our clients.

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events production

State Fair

Cowboy hats as gifts. Instructors taught guests to dance the Texas way. With their hats and their new moves they had a great time.

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staging for corporate events in san antonio

Corks and Forks

Chandeliers in an oak tree grove, our car bars, fire pits and leather furniture set the stage for this down home event at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort.

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event planners in south texas

Decadent Decor

Gold candelabras, striped linens along with crystal and hanging pearl chandeliers, turned this ballroom into a show stopper for our client.

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fiesta themed event designees

Fiesta Downtown

Using fiesta inspired colors we transformed a large downtown plaza into a cohesive event for this corporate party.

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corporate party planners


Whether in downtown San Antonio or a resort property, Goen South can create a festive, traditional Mexican celebration anywhere.

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awards gala planner

Texas Awards Gala

Giant crystal chandeliers, bricks as centerpiece elements and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders showed this client a “Texas” awards gala.

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award dinner events planner

Awards Dinner

This company went all out on their awards dinner. We love the colors and florals we used for this sophisticated event.

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miami themed event

Swank Miami

Using tropical centerpieces, sleek white furniture and a cool band we brought Miami to San Antonio at this Hyatt Resort.

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fiesta themed event

Fiesta Night

We love to celebrate Fiesta with our guests. Our designers created a charming plaza on the lawn at the La Cantera Resort inspired by small towns in Mexico.

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theme planners coordinators

Steam Punk South

We created a steampunk inspired theme for an industry event at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort. Of course we had to put our unique spin on this whimsical event.

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theme designers

Electric Glow

Our client wanted an outside modern experience, so our creative director utilized the client’s corporate colors blue and green to create a twist based on the movie Tron.

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themed event planners

75th Anniversary

We help a national prestige’s law firm celebrate their 75th anniversary, hope they have 75 more.

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dmc vegas night theme

Vegas Night

Casino games, the Match Maker Band and over the top food made this event awesome for our client’s guest.

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san antonio event florist

Various Floral

Various Floral Our expert in-house florist can create any off the wall idea we send her way.

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texas themed events designer

Texas Corral

We used sheet metal and wash tubs to create this “corral” themed event.

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