Graffiti Wall

Client: Fire and Rain Event Date: December 11, 2018 Event Venue: JW Marriott Austin Austin DMC Services Provided: Event Decor, Custom Element Design & Building Event Ojectectives:

Our client contacted us three weeks before their event date, panicked because the company they’d been working with had stopped responding. This extremely limited time-frame was only part of the challenge; we created the designs, built the decor by hand, and installed it piece by piece at the venue! Luckily, all of the hard work was absolutely worth it. The client’s main goals were to:

  • Create a one-of-a-kind urban design for an event space that would be used for a sales team training. We envisioned an event space that looks like a subway station, complete with colorful graffiti and props.
  • Design and build a 32-foot long graffiti wall, which would be the focal point. We would also create unique spray-painted trash cans and provide working turnstiles and colorful chairs as accent pieces.

Envisioning, designing and building the graffiti wall all took place within a very short time-frame. With only three weeks til the event date, our team worked closely with the client to ensure they were happy. We decided to start from scratch and create a totally new concept: a custom graffiti wall with an authentic spray-painted look. Our team built the walls by hand and attached subway tiles as a background for the graffiti. We hired three local street graffiti artists to create unique works of art on the walls. After 21 hours and 47 cans of spray paint, the graffiti wall was ready! Our crew transported the pieces of the wall to the event location, where it took 9 hours to install the wall. Additional props and pieces of decor were set up, including turnstiles, spray-painted trash cans, and colorful subway chairs, and the event space looked like a cool, urban subway station. The 32-foot graffiti wall was a total wow factor, and it was just as eye-catching as we’d hoped!